Chronic Disease & Gut Health

Are You Struggling With?

High blood sugar levels?

 If you’re concern about your blood glucose (sugar) levels (BGLs) rising or if you’ve been diagnosed with T2DM , our Dietitians at Sustainable Nutrition will be able to discuss food options and provide you with sustainable strategies to help optimize your BGLs

Gradual increase with your cholesterol levels?

Do you have a family history of cardiovascular disease and concern about your cholesterol levels. Our Dietitians at Sustainable Nutrition are here to help you understand what the different types of cholesterol are and what food options can help improve your cholesterol levels.

Bloating, cramping or any gut related issues?

If you’re suffering from constipation/diarrhoea, bloating or cramping then it might be worth speaking to one of our Dietitians at Sustainable Nutrition to see if there are any food options that you could benefit from elimating or including to impvoe these symptoms. 

Low energy levels?

Feeling tired all the time or maybe you’re deficient in a particular nutrient or nutrients. At Sustainable Nutrition, our Dietitians will be able to analyse you current diet and provide you with evidenced based recommendations to help you increase you energy levels and prevent further nutrient deficiencies.  

What to Expect on Your First Consult

Your Sustainable Nutrition Dietitian will discuss your health and nutrition goals at your initial consult.

Then they will collect a detailed medical, social and diet history from you.

Finally your Sustainable Nutrition Dietitian will provide you with recommendations to improve your overall health and help you prevent/manage your chronic condition.

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Additional Services We Offer

  • Sustainable Nutrition Dietitians can provide media writing on various nutrition topics products and brand ambassador for food companies
  • Sustainable Nutrition Dietitians can also collaborate with worthy brands and products
  • Sustainable Nutrition Dietitians can conduct product and menu reviews for small/large businesses
  • Sustainable Nutrition Dietitians can conduct group presentations or cooking demonstrations for corporate companies, sporting companies, schools etc.

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