We are a team of Dietitians & Speech Pathologists, supporting clients under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to improve their health, wellbeing and independence. Our Dietitians & Speech Pathologists can work with clients who are self-managed or managed through an agency. We work closely with stakeholders across the state to provide tailored services to our clients’ needs and the needs of the organisations.

Speech Pathology Services:

o Individual speech pathologist consultations on various health conditions. Our Speech Pathologists can provide assessment and management of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and communication difficulties.

o   We work with stakeholders to ensure that clients are receiving food and fluids that are of the appropriate texture/consistency whilst also maintaining quality of life.

o   We can recommend compensatory strategies to assist safe swallowing and mealtimes

o   As well as provide therapy where appropriate to help rehabilitate a person’s swallowing and/or communication abilities.


Dietitian Services:

o   Individual dietitian consultations on various health conditions (e.g. assisting with enteral nutrition – selecting feeds, reviewing PEG regime, autism, down syndrome, motor neuron disease ,acquired disabilities, malnutrition, nutrition for wound healing, diabetes management & food intolerances)

o   Each consultation will take into account all factors influencing the right nutrition for a client. Our Dietitians will speak with necessary stakeholders regularly.

o  Sustainable Nutrition Dietitians also offer nutrition education to clients, support workers and carers around managing a range of health conditions like Diabetes, MND, Parkinson’s Disease, Anaemia, low weight, obesity, poor appetite, dysphagia, IBS and food allergies and intolerance, constipation, depression, anxiety, and osteoporosis.

o  Our dietitians can work with clients and their carers around planning and preparing of meals, creating shopping lists, assisted food shopping tours, internet shopping lessons, cooking, food safety lessons & create visual tools.

Sustainable Nutrition Dietitians & Speech Pathologist offer home visit services to provide a more customised approach and understanding of your needs, while ensuring that access to our services is comfortable for you.

If you would like to know more about Sustainable Nutrition Dietitian/Speech Pathologist’s NDIS Services please contact our office on 0432 194 344 or email

Our Consulting Locations

Dulwich Family Practice

Holden Hill Family Practice

Churchill Centre Family Practice

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