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If you’re looking at growing your family, Francisca would love to help you optimize your nutrition so you can have healthy babies! At your initial face-to-face consult, Francisca will get to know you as she discusses your health history, current nutrition status, current medication or supplementation regime,  assess you dietary intake, discuss any barriers or fears and together come up with goals to help you and your partner grow your family. Francisca will then provide you with a nutrition and supplement plan to help you get started. 

Our Fertility & Pregnancy Dietitian Francisca can help you with these issues:

♦ How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?

♦ Am I not gaining enough or gaining too much weight during my pregnancy?

♦ Trying to conceive but unsure what supplementation I need

♦ Is this safe to eat during pregnancy?

Why is Nutrition so Important?

Proper well researched nutrition is going to play such an important part in your journey whether you’re trying to conceive or you’re currently pregnant.

You need to properly nourish yourself because your what ever your nutritional status is, that’s exactly what’s going to influence your pregnancy experience and influence your child’s vulnerability to disease, and the function and development of their brain and organs.


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Nutrition in Fertility & Pregnancy

The life long health of you child/children is affected by what you put into your body. Have you heard of the term “first 1000 days”? Well, what we eat months prior to conceiving, during pregnancy and up to 2 years of your chid’s life can influence your child’s genetics, vulnerability to disease, and the function and development of their brain and organs. This is why I believe that getting the right nutrition is vital to allow us to give our future babies the best possible opportunity grow into healthy, happy children.

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